Africa - Parsley

STOP NO. : Egypt

A peachy complexion:
we all dream about it!

NAME: Parsley
LATIN NAME: Carum petroselinum
LOCATION: France, Egypt
TYPE: Herb

The beauty of a porcelain complexion

Parsley is a biennial plant in the Apiaceae family that is cultivated throughout the world as a culinary herb. In traditional medicine, it was prescribed for its anti-inflammatory properties, while its cosmetic benefits were recognised by women who wished to achieve a porcelain complexion and fine, delicate skin.

For doll-like skin!

In cosmetics, parsley extract is used to brighten and even out the complexion.

Find the benefits of Parsley

  • Santal Face Treatment Oil "Dry Skin"

    AED 245.00
  • Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

    AED 404.00

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