Europe - Strawberry Tree

Stop no.: France

Strawberry Tree,
the ‘miracle’ tree

Name: Strawberry Tree
Latin name: Arbutus unedo
Location: France
Type: Shrub
Part(s) used: Fruit

At the source of immortality

In ancient times, the Strawberry Tree was associated with immortality. More recently, some people have started referring to it as the ‘miracle tree’. Nothing about the somewhat common place appearance of this native Mediterranean bushy shrub appears to justify these claims of vital energy. Its many unique botanical properties give it a slightly supernatural status: it can produce ripe fruits in winter, regenerate earth ravaged by wildfire, and fight against dangerous infections.

Cosmetic effectiveness

Reduced sebum, boosted matte appearance

In cosmetics, organic Strawberry Tree extract helps reduce the production of sebum.

A tree of strawberries

Arbutus unedo produces small round berries with pyramidal protuberances, the arbutus, which earned it its nickname ‘strawberry tree’.

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