Asia - Zingiber zerumbet

STOP NO. : China

Get fit!

Name: Zingiber zerumbet
Latin Name: Zingiber zerumbet
Location: China
Type: Herb
Part(s) Used: Rhizome

A coveted, sacred plant

Zingiber zerumbet is a herbaceous plant from India which then established itself in Polynesia hundreds of years ago. It is considered a sacred plant thanks to the virtues it demonstrates in the field of medicine, as well as in cosmetics, as a food source or for decoration. It is used as a condiment just like ginger, a plant we are more familiar with and which is its close relative.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

Fight cellulite!

In cosmetics, Zingiber zerumbet is used for its extract which helps drain fatty tissue.

Find the benefits of Zingiber Zerumbet

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