Africa - African Ebony

Stop no.: Burkina Faso

African Ebony,
a wealth of benefits

Name: African Ebony
Latin name: Diospyros mespiliformis
Location: Burkina Faso
Type: Shrub
Part(s) used: Leaves

Healing and nourishing powers

The African Ebony tree enjoys immense prestige from local populations, to which it provides multiple benefits. Its uses span throughout the dietary, domestic, and medicinal fields, where its leaves are particularly utilised to treat skin conditions such as scarring.

Cosmetic effectiveness

Protection from pollution

In cosmetics, organic African Ebony extract helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of pollution.

The Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex

A unique combination of four plant extracts to protect the skin from damage that may be caused by both interior and exterior urban pollutants: extracts of organic African Ebony, Furcellaria, Succory Dock-Cress and organic Sanicle.

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  • ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt

  • Water Lip Stain

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream - All Skin Types

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream - Dry Skin

  • Extra-Firming Night Cream - All Skin Types

  • Extra-Firming Night Cream - Dry Skin

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream SPF 15


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