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Persimmon: your anti-ageing best friend

Name: Persimmon
Latin Name: Diospyros kaki
Location: China
Type: Tree
Part(s) Used: Calyx of the fruit

Sunny and full of energy

The kaki, or persimmon, is a fruit tree originating from the mountains of China and Japan and is also grown across the Mediterranean. Its fleshy fruit, with its smooth, orange skin, is extremely energising. The persimmon is eaten when very ripe. All parts of the tree have medicinal benefits: the extract from the bark is an astringent; the juice from its fruit fights hypertension; and the calyx is a recognised remedy for coughs.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

Preserves skin elasticity

In cosmetics, persimmon extract is used for its ability to slow glycation, the phenomenon that deteriorates skin tissue. It also protects the skin against ageing, promoting its suppleness and elasticity.

Find the benefits of Persimmon

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