Europe - Rose

STOP NO. : France

Fresh as a rose!

NAME: Rose
LATIN NAME: Rosa x centifolia
LOCATION: Morocco, France
TYPE: Large shrub
PART(S) USED: Flower

A natural work of art

The cabbage rose is said to have originated in Holland at the end of the 16th century, the result of crossing four varieties of roses. It is recognised by its flowers that display an exuberant profusion of petals. Sometimes called the “rose of painters”, due to its many appearances in paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, it is also prized by perfumers: also known as “May rose”, its soft petals reveal the richest and most complex scent there is. More than four hundred volatile components make up its aroma.

Perfumes and enhances the skin

In cosmetics, rose is used in the composition of numerous products for its perfuming and refreshing qualities, while rose wax is used for its protective and softening properties.

Find the benefits of Rose

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