Europe - Cornflower

STOP NO. : Poland

For a mesmerizing gaze!

Name: Cornflower
Latin Name: Centaurea cyanus
Location: France, Poland
Type: Herb
Part(s) Used: Flower

The flower of love...

According to Greek legend, the nymph Chloris, charmed by the bucolic poetry of young Cyanus, turned him into cornflower upon his death to forever preserve the memory of this nature lover. In traditional medicine, the cornflower produces a calming water that soothes sensitive or irritated eyes.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

Perfect for the eye area

Traditionally, the soothing properties of organic cornflower extract make it particularly suitable for the fragile skin around the eyes, while organic cornflower water cleanses and refreshes.

Find the benefits of Cornflower

  • Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

    AED 138.00
  • Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

    AED 165.00
  • Eye Contour Gel

    AED 216.00

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