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A fairy-like plant for the skin of your dreams!

NAME: Narrow-leaf plantain
LATIN NAME: Plantago lanceolata
TYPE: Herb

Once upon a time...

Narrow-leaf plantain grows wild in the prairies and is adorned with slender leaves whose pronounced veins are so fine that legend says only fairies could create such delicate work. The plantain, while occasionally consumed as a food, has become indispensable in health care. A true natural remedy, the plantain leaf treats digestive disorders as well as skin conditions, producing a remarkable skin regeneration effect.

For beautiful, ever-youthful skin

In cosmetics, narrow-leaf plantain extract limits the melting of adipose tissue due to ageing and helps bring features back to their harmonious appearance.

Find the benefits of Narrow-leaf Plantain

  • Super Restorative Remodelling Serum

    AED 843.00

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