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Double Serum

Intensive Anti-Aging
Eye Treatment

Immediately smooths wrinkles
Reduces puffiness and dark circles
Strengthens and protects skin around the eyes
Brightens the eyes

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The dual power
of Double Serum…
now for your eyes!

The eye area, being particularly delicate, is the biggest beauty worry among women. Introducing Double Serum Eye, the complete anti-aging treatment whose texture works in perfect organic harmony with the skin around your eyes. Immediately, eyes sparkle with youth and life.

Cow parsley

Organic Cow Parsley Extract:
The Plant Discovery
Key to a Youthful Gaze

Native to the Auvergne region, organic cow parsley extract is organically certified and sustainably harvested. A staple in traditional medicine, this plant is rich in active ingredients and has been recognised for its medicinal properties for centuries.


The Key Role of Integrins

Alpha-V integrins are proteins that assure good cell to cell adhesion. With age, the quantity of alpha-V integrins around our eyes drastically decreases. Clarins has proven that this decrease in the quantity of alpha-V integrins slows down skin's five vital functions — Regeneration, Oxygenation, Nutrition, Hydration, and Protection — the key to keeping eyes looking youthful.

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Unique Ingredients for Unique Individuals
As well as organic cow parsley extract, Double Serum Eye contains four other organic extracts:

Leaf of Life
Organic leaf of life
Promotes hydration
Organic kiwi
Helps nourish skin
Organic oat sugars
Smooth skin around
the eyes thanks to their
exceptional firming properties
White horehound
Organic white horehound
Helps fight against
the harmful effects of pollution
Cow parsley

The Pro Touch

How to Apply Double Serum Eyes

Application method 1

Mix the two phases with your fingertips.

Application method 2

Press onto eyelids and the under-eye area moving from
the inner corner out to the temples.

Application method 3

Then, apply with slight pressure between your brows.

Application method 4

Close your eyes, then open them: your eye area is more relaxed, open and sparkles with youth.

The Complete Anti-Aging Duo:
Double Serum +
Double Serum Eye

Double serum packshot


Double serum eyes packshot

Organic Wild Chervil

Our anti-aging routine

The beauty routine of your dreams that women won’t be able to go without. It’s easy, addictive and highly effective. Each morning, first apply Double Serum Eye to the eye area then Double Serum to the entire face.

Magnified eyes

A complete formula with powerful reinforcing active ingredients used in Double Serum, such as turmeric. Combined with organic cow parsley extract, it provides a complementary dual action that acts on the five vital functions of the skin around the eye that are key to youthful eyes.

Complete Your Routine With
Our Anti-Aging Make-Up

Double Serum Eye
Double Serum Eye
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Did you know?

Our experts answer your questions

Why should I use an eye treatment?

Delicate area, careful!

The skin around the eye area is four times finer than the rest of the face.

The skin around the eyes has very few supporting fibres, and with 10,000 blinks generated each day by 22 muscles, as well as exposure to UV and blue light, our eye area is very delicate. With it’s almost non-existent hydrolipidic film, the eye area becomes dehydrated quicker than the rest of the face.

So many factors contribute to making this area—the finest on the face—more delicate and the first to show signs of fatigue such as sagging of the eyelids, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Short nights and long days in front of a computer; stress and external aggressors such as pollution and the sun; fast-paced lifestyles: let’s erase it all and reset!

It is for this reason that our researchers work relentlessly to develop new anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle products to keep your skin looking beautiful and youthful. Targeted, high-performance skincare treatments made from rare plant extracts in a variety of innovative textures (gels, creams and balms).

When should you start using an eye treatment?

From the very first appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Don’t let an on-the-go lifestyle, stress and lack of sleep leave their mark and leave your eye area looking dull.

From the age of 30, apply the refreshing and energising Multi-Active Eye cream. A refreshing gel cream that melts into the skin leaving it visibly smoother and brighter.

Let the power of teasel extract work to visibly fight signs of fatigue and free radicals, the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

Your face looks instantly refreshed. With one motion, the skin around your eyes is protected against the harmful effects of pollution and all signs of fatigue disappear.

As if by magic!

When should I apply my eye treatment?

Each morning, first apply the treatment to the eye area, then your serum to the entire face.

Finish with a day cream for fresh skin that radiates beauty.

Always follow the recommendations from Clarins experts for correct application with a gentle touch, never pulling the skin.

No matter your age, your tailor-made Clarins solution is both sensorial and provides irresistible results.

What are our experts’ tips for rested eyes?

Our experts have several beauty tips for maintaining fresh and visibly youthful eyes.

First of all, use silk or ultra-soft cotton pillowcases to avoid friction on the skin and provide protection.

Then, in the morning, wrap an ice cube in a tissue and gently apply it to the eye area to boost circulation and help to tighten skin tissue.

Finally, consider practising eye yoga every day: Five minutes is enough to relax your eyes and fight ocular fatigue.

Apply the energising and quenching Hydra-Essentiel Moisturising Reviving Eye Mask 1-2 times per week to boost hydration in this area and erase signs of fatigue.

Is Double Serum Eyes right for me?

Double Serum Eyes is made for everyone:

- For those with sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses.

- For those that are always in a hurry: 93% of women said they were able to put their make-up on straight after application. And, as if by some miracle, eye shadow doesn’t migrate towards wrinkles on eyelids that have been smoothed by this precious serum.

- For all ages and all complexions.

- And finally, Double Serum Eye can also be used by those who have sensitive skin around their eye area.

* Satisfaction test on a multi-ethnic panel of 251 women after 28 days of use

On holiday, at the office or on a weekend away, the 20 ml format is ultra-practical and can be taken anywhere… Like Double Serum, it has a rotary system pump to dispense the perfect dose of serum for your beautiful eyes.

Made-to-measure according to your skin’s needs, from day to day and season to season.

Which eye treatment is most effective?

89% of women say that with Double Serum Eyes, their wrinkles are smoothed, their skin is fortified and their eye area appears more youthful.

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 264 women after 28 days of use.

Only seven days to younger-looking eyes: **:

90% of users found that their skin was smoother

85% found that the skin around their eye area was fortified

84% found that skin was firmer and more even

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 377 women after 7 days of use.

And clinical tests confirm that: After 4 weeks of use, skin around the eyes appears younger.

It has been clinically proven that signs of aging are visibly reduced.

Which eye treatment is right for you?

Do the test to find out now

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