My beauty concern is:
Smooth my fine lines traiter-premieres-rides
Firm my skin and Combat wrinkles raffermir-peau-lutter-rides
Redensify my skin and Combat wrinkles redensifier-peau-lutter-rides
Rehydrate my skin rehydrater-peau
Soothe my sensitive skin apaiser-peau-sensible
Mattify and Purify my skin matifier-purifier
Refine my face’s contours affiner-contour-visage
Fight dark spots and brighten my complexion lutter-taches-eclaircir-teint
Fight dark spots without brightening my complexion lutter-taches-sans-eclaircir
Treat dark circles and puffiness traiter-cernes-poches
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My skin type:
Oily Oily
Combination Combination
Normal Normal
Dry Dry
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My age? (Shh, it's a secret.)
20-30 20's
30-40 30's
40-50 40's
50-60 50's
Age 60+ 60's
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To cleanse my face, I prefer:
With Water with-water
Without water without-water
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To cleanse my eyes, I prefer:
Soft formula for light make-up gentle_eyecleansing
Intense formula for striking make-up (waterproof) intensive_eyecleansing
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