Milky Boost Cream Milky Boost Cream The glow and care double agent

The secret to an incredibly soft, peachy and glowy complexion?
The [Clarins Light Optimising Complex] composed of rosy pearls and soft-focus powders. The result? Imperfections, signs of tiredness and fine lines are diminished. Your complexion is even, brightened and radiant.

Our Laboratories have combined 5 skincare actions thanks to 7 plant extracts.

Acerola seed extract helps oxygenate the skin for a radiant complexion, peach milk extract for optimal nutrition and Huang Qi extract for a purifying effect on the skin.

Acerola ingredient


Acerola seed extract


Peach milk

Hyaluronic Acid ingredient


Hyaluronic acid complex

Milky Boost Cream texture



Leaf of life ingredient


Organic leaf of life

Huang Qi ingredient


Huang Qi extract

Ingrédient Glycérine Glycerine ingredient



Milky Boost Cream with peach packshot

anti pollution complex Let's not forget the super hydrating complex, composed of glycerine, hyaluronic acid and organic leaf of life extract, as well as the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex, composed of furcellaria, succory dock-cress and white horehound extracts to fight against the harmful effects of pollution.

Ingrédient Complex Anti Pollution Ingrédient Complex Anti Pollution

Succory dock-cress,
furcellaria and white
horehound extracts

After 14 days of use

skin is radiant, revitalised and feels purified and intensely hydrated!

It's proven, after 14 days of use, bare skin is significantly more radiant (+28%)*

* Self-assessment, 173 women, 14 days.

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