How to correct
minor imperfections

A perfect blemish-free complexion.

12 mins.

Spotlight on your complexion!

With this routine, dark spots, shadowy areas and redness won’t be a problem.

3 steps for correcting minor imperfections

  • 1. Even out

    A. Warm the serum in your hands to bring it up to face temperature and help it take effect instantly.

  • B. Apply to your neck and décolletage using your hands, without pressure, in order to procure an instant sensation of well-being and to distribute the product evenly.

  • C. Drain to stimulate circulation, restore radiance to your complexion and maintain the firmness of your skin. 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead, 5 times on the neck and décolletage. 27 seconds

  • 2. Brightening the eyes

    A. Squeeze out and apply a small amount to the inner corner of the eyes, the upper and lower lids using the brush.

  • B. Dab repeatedly with your fingers to blend in.

  • 3. Correct

    A. Warm the product in your hands to bring it up to skin temperature and help it take effect instantly.

  • B. Apply

  • C. Smooth

Our expert’s opinion

SOS Primer can also be applied locally to the area to be concealed, for touch-ups during the day.

Denise Barthe, International Training Director