A responsible formula

At Clarins, we have always been committed to creating environmentally friendly formulas.

Organic houseleek


A formula with 98% natural ingredients

Hydra-Essentiel Mist of Organic leaf of life

Leaf of life

Glass bottle containing 25% recycled glass Easy-to-recycle packaging (follow local recycling instructions): recyclable glass bottle, removable pump, packaging printed on paper from sustainably managed forests (FSC)



3 organic ingredients: leaf of life extract,
houseleek extract,
cornflower extract

Responsible and environmentally conscious sourcing:

Organic houseleek:
Cultivated in accordance with the practices of permaculture in the Domaine Clarins. The purity of the French Alpine air combined with the richness of its soil allows us to obtain a plant of very high quality through organic agriculture with the maximum amount of active ingredients.

Organic leaf of life:
native to Madagascar, our extract comes from a fair trade programme with the Jardins du Monde association.

Responsible and environmentally conscious sourcing: