A moment of freshness

This refreshing cream scrub removes impurities with its natural beads made from wood cellulose to exfoliate and refine skin texture. Your skin will be left fresh, supple and radiant!


Fresh scrub contains two sizes of natural wood cellulose beads: the larger ones exfoliate while the finer ones refine the skin's texture.

My skin needs comfort

My skin needs purifying

Responsible beauty: Clarins is committed

Clarins strives to preserve nature and to not squander endangered resources. This trio of scrubs fits naturally within this eco-responsibility approach:

The tubes contain recycled plastic The tubes contain recycled plastic

The box and inserts are printed on paper from sustainably managed forests The box and inserts are printed on paper from sustainably managed forests

Leaf of life extract is derived from organic plants and helps boost skin’s natural hydration process. Leaf of life extract is derived from organic plants and helps boost skin’s natural hydration process.