The eye treatment that's right for you is…

Clarins Expert Moisture-Rich Treatment

Hydra-Essentiel Moisturising
Reviving Eye Mask

Hydrate and soothe the eye area


  • Intensely moisturised skin
  • Fine lines from dehydration are visibly smoothed
  • Skin is supple and comfortable
  • Dark circles are visibly diminished
  • Eye area is soothed and bright
Leaf of Life

Leaf of Life

Expert Advice

Use every day in the morning and at night or as a mask: 10 minutes for an instant revitalising effect or as a sleeping mask to wake up with radiant eyes.

2 Steps for Rested Eyes

Application method 1


5 seconds

Warm up

Warm the product with your fingertips to bring it up to your skin’s temperature, helping it take effect instantly.

Application method 2


30 seconds

Apply pressure

Drain with your fingertips, working from the inner corner to the outer corner. Repeat 3 times below then above the eyes, working from the inner to the outer corner, following the natural direction of lymphatic circulation.

My Hydra-Essentiel Moisturising Reviving Eye Mask Routine

Leaf of Life

Hydra-Essentiel Moisturising Reviving Eye Mask
Hydra-Essentiel Moisturising
Reviving Eye Mask

Leaf of Life

SOS Hydra Mask
SOS Hydra Mask

Leaf of Life

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream
Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream