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How to take care of yourself while pregnant

Pregnancy is the perfect time to listen to and pamper your body, while also supporting it as it goes through changes and practicing good daily hygiene habits! For nine months, you have to be mindful of yourself and of all the changes that will influence your body and your mental health. But you also have nine months to watch your stomach grow as you wait for the baby. Don’t stress! This is the time to put yourself first before your baby arrives. Take care of your well-being and piece of mind, maintain a balanced figure, control your weight without depriving yourself, enjoy yourself and keep your spirit-levels high. Clarins is here to help you anticipate the small problems encountered during maternity and to ensure you’re beautiful before, during and after pregnancy! Tips and gift ideas to stay beautiful and comfortable in your skin, trimester after trimester. A glowing, pregnant woman means a happy mum and a peaceful baby!

Prenatal skin care routine

Stretch marks
Stretch marks


Prevent the appearance of stretch marks...
Discover Clarins tips and skin care products to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to limit the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy

For nine months, skin is inevitably prone to stretching, for some it happens quicker and more significantly than others depending on the weight gained. Your belly will get rounder, your breasts will get bigger and your body will be transformed by the sudden increase in hormones, it can’t be helped. Don’t stress, it’s all part of pregnancy! Just keep smiling. Gently massage the iconic Tonic Body Treatment Oil onto slightly damp skin, focusing on the areas prone to stretching, such as the stomach, thighs, breasts and hips, to help prevent the appearance of those unwanted little red marks. Rinse with cool water to tone the skin as much as possible. Day after day, skin becomes more elasticated and is able to withstand the stretching of tissues.

How to prevent stretch marks in pregnant women

To finish off this preventative toning action routine, trust Body Partner, Clarins’ anti-stretch mark expert. When applied daily, this skin care product limits the development of stretch marks and reduces their appearance. The combination of gotu kola extract and organic green banana extract promotes elasticity. The Clarins answer for smooth, toned skin and a beautiful pregnant woman who is comfortable in her own body!

Stretching skin
Stretching skin


When pregnant, exfoliating the face and the body provides a much-needed sense of comfort and well-being to expecting mothers.

How to ensure skin elasticity

Month after month, the baby will take up more and more room in the womb, in turn stretching the skin. Rapid weight gain during pregnancy weakens tissues that are stretched too quickly. A common result of this is the appearance of stretch marks. Like small cracks, they streak the surface of the skin on the stomach, breasts, hips and thighs. A Clarins tip: prevent them from developing before the first signs of damage appear. Keep your body hydrated, drink plenty of water and apply a moisturizing product to your skin daily. Improve your skin’s elasticity to prepare it for stretching. After showering, massage your body with a few drops of Tonic Body Treatment Oil, which is made with 100% plant extracts. It's pure delight for the skin and a sensorial massage for the body and mind. This prenatal treatment ensures relaxation and strength with 100% goodness and 100% care. It is also available as part of the Arthritis gift set. Good for the mental health of future mums and for research!


Huile tonic Field
Tonic Body Treatment Oil
AED 307.00

How to enhance skin’s suppleness

Exfoliating the skin once or twice a week is an essential step for having beautiful, soft and smooth skin. Prenatal exfoliation is especially recommended so you can scrub away all impurities and promote cell renewal. Exfoliating treatments with naturally-sourced ingredients take care of pregnant women’s sensitive skin. Revitalise your skin and enhance its suppleness: two good reasons to pamper your skin with Clarins! Exfoliating allows Clarins’ moisturising or anti-stretch mark products to be better absorbed by the skin. The benefits of the plant extracts found in these products are most effective when applied on clean, cleansed, supple and toned skin. Exfoliating also allows skin’s elasticity to be strengthened. One of the most common concerns amongst pregnant women!

Why use Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin during pregnancy?

Clarins looks out for the beauty of mums-to-be. Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin with bamboo powder gently eliminates dry patches and impurities. Rinse well with water and finish with a splash of cool water to stimulate and tone the body. Exfoliating provides a relaxing moment of bliss and bonding for the mother and her unborn child. Prioritise calm and peaceful moments for a pregnant woman. Moments of gentle and sensory relaxation which eliminate fatigue, pain and tension. Every relaxing moment is a comforting treat for the body.

Gommage Exfoliant Peau Neuve
Bamboo Bamboo
Body Scrub
AED 157.50
Tired legs
Tired legs


Changes in the body during pregnancy can lead to constant feelings of heat and heaviness in the legs. Calling all pregnant women... say goodbye to tired legs thanks to Clarins’ expert tips!

How to avoid the feeling of tired legs?

Changes in the body during pregnancy can often lead to the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs. Poor blood circulation brought about by hormonal changes is the main cause of these unpleasant, uncomfortable and even painful sensations. Rapid weight gain takes its toll on the legs. Pregnancy is a time when edema and varicose veins can develop. Pregnant women are prone to water retention especially during the hot summer months. Small, everyday actions can relieve these discomforts. Change position by elevating the legs with a cushion to improve blood circulation. Opt for showers over baths. To fight against the effects of water retention, apply a few drops of Contour Body Treatment Oil, which is made with 100% pure plant extracts and broom and tonka bean essential oils. Massage the oil into the feet, working your way up to the thighs. End your shower with a splash of cool water from the ankles up to the hips. An instant feeling of freshness!

Which skin care cream should I apply for tired legs?

Tired legs are avoidable during pregnancy if you follow Clarins' beauty tips. A massage with Energizing Emulsion is the perfect everyday companion for fresh and lightweight legs! Its ultra-light, non-greasy blue liquid texture has an immediate refreshing and soothing effect. A gentle massage instantly provides relief at any time of the day. Start with the feet and the arch of your foot and work your way up to the mid-thigh. The arnica extract soothes the lower limbs. Absorbed immediately, this emulsion can even be applied over tights. Extremely practical in winter when putting on and taking off tights seems like a contortion act! Some practical advice from Clarins: keep the product in the fridge to enhance that instant feeling of freshness when it is first applied. It is even more effective when the massage is given by caring fathers-to-be. A moment of intimacy that leaves you feeling as light as a feather, all the way down to your toes!

Pregnancy mask
Pregnancy mask


Pregnancy mask is another side-effect linked to a sudden change in hormone levels. To avoid the appearance of dark spots during the first days of spring, Clarins offers you useful tips and effective sun protection products to allow you to make the most of sunny moments with complete peace of mind.

How to care for your face during pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones increase happiness, but these hormonal changes can also have an impact on the complexion, hydration and radiance of a pregnant woman’s face. Moisturizing your face with skin care products tailored to your skin type will allow you to prevent signs of dehydration. The range of Clarins Hydra-Essentiel treatments is your beauty BFF. Regain soft, supple and perfectly hydrated skin thanks to the organic leaf of life extract which boosts natural hydration. A beauty routine for thirsty skin: apply the Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum before the Silky Cream. An intensive, hydrating SOS skin care treatment that drenches your skin in moisture.

How to prevent the appearance of pregnancy mask

During the second trimester of pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause pigmentation of the face, T-zone, cheekbones and the area around the eyes. The sun’s rays can cause dark spots to develop. To make the most of sunny days without any stress, get into the habit of protecting your face from sun damage with very high SPF 50+ sun protection. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid exposure to strong sunlight between 12 pm and 4 pm. A triple protective shield that prevents dark spots, boosts antioxidant defenses and protects the skin from UV rays, the UV PLUS Anti-Pollution SPF 50 sunscreen supports mums-to-be. It can be worn in addition to your moisturiser to help prevent the appearance of a pregnancy mask. Anti-UV, anti-pollution and anti-oxidative stress. Stay safe in the sun with Clarins’ high protection!

How to fight signs of fatigue on the face

Pregnancy is the perfect time to develop good habits. Future mothers have to balance their busy lives, short nights and the stress that accompanies the first few months of having a newborn... to prevent the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines and keep your skin looking youthful, entrust your face to the Multi-Active skin care range. Round-the-clock care for young women under stress. Apply Multi-Active Day Cream during the day to revitalize the skin and give it the strength it needs to cope with busy days. Apply Multi-Active Night Cream at night to energise and soften the skin, so that you can wake up looking beautiful. Organic encapsulated teasel extract protects and boosts skin’s youthfulness. This skin care duo enhances skin’s radiance and can be complemented with the Multi-Active Eye reviving treatment for eye contours to soothe and reduce puffiness and dark circles. Goal: a rested, relaxed face with no signs of fatigue. Challenge accepted!

Dehydrated skin
Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin?

The skin suffers the consequences of the internal and hormonal changes that the body goes through during pregnancy. Although the skin can become dehydrated, you can adopt a few simple habits to restore its comfort and suppleness.

Which moisturising products should I choose?

Get a guaranteed boost with the Hydra‑Essentiel Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi‑Phase Serum/Hydra‑Essentiel Silky Cream ‑ Normal to dry skin which moisturises, brightens and firms facial features to reveal a luminous complexion and plumped skin. This range offers products you can include in your beauty routine through every stage of motherhood!

Avoid spending time in the sun or apply suitable sun protection at all times. In fact, sun exposure can cause unsightly pigmentation due to the major hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Even in the city, we recommend using a very high level of sun protection for your face. UV+ SPF 50 protects against the harmful effects of the sun and is perfect for use with all moisturisers.



Prevent the first signs of wrinkles and keep your skin looking youthful with Multi-Active Day Cream.



Clarins invites you to discover the benefits of getting a body massage during pregnancy. Gifting a spa treatment is the perfect opportunity to benefit from skilled professionals who are there to support pregnant women.

What are the benefits of a massage for pregnant women?

Massages are a fantastic way to relieve the everyday aches and pains that pregnant bodies experience every trimester! Receiving a massage reduces tension, relieves lower back pain and offers a moment of relaxation. Clarins' special maternity massages offered by the Clarins Spa and Institute are specifically adapted for pregnant women.


These massages aim to prevent the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks, back pain, water retention and meet the specific needs of mums-to-be. The specific movements and massage techniques performed by Clarins professionals seek to free the body from its pain. Enjoy an hour of absolute relaxation and let yourself be transported in the hands of experts.


A fantastic 60-minute gift, the Pregnancy Treatments gently send the body into a state of tranquility and comforting well-being. A team of Clarins specialists is on hand to provide you with treatments and movements adapted to your changing body, and to guide and advise you on how to put these techniques into practice at home using Clarins skin care products. Whether it's a daily massage ritual with Clarins oils or a gift card for a massage at the Spa... it’s the little touches that make for a beautiful, stress-free pregnancy. Enjoy a moment of serenity while waiting for your baby!

At the hospital

Maternity gift
Maternity gift


Don’t forget to take care of yourself after the baby comes! Because beauty and motherhood are entirely compatible, fight the signs of fatigue and look radiant even when at the hospital. Discover Clarins’ beauty products that help new moms during their first few months of motherhood.

How to have a radiant complexion after childbirth

The baby is here and the birth went well, so you shouldn't be left with a sad and tired complexion. After giving birth, new moms quite often experience the baby blues and can find themselves distressed by all the changes that the arrival of a new baby brings. After being the focus of everyone’s attention for nine months, they now feel abandoned, left alone to deal with their body and all the new responsibilities. This is a great opportunity to spoil and pamper them. Every little gift offered will help the mother feel beautiful again. Clarins offers a multitude of gift ideas, beauty gift sets, customisable boxes or e-gift certificates to help them feel beautiful, stay strong and keep smiling. The Beauty Flash Balm: an essential beauty product to give tired skin the boost it needs. It brightens and tightens your features, smooths and moisturizes the skin, and relaxes the face. An instant glow guaranteed. A gift to slide into your maternity bag. An anti-grey, radiance and mood-boosting balm. Apply to keep the complexion fresh and the face happy and relaxed. Smile, you’re the most beautiful mom!

What postnatal gift is best for a new mom?

All women who have just given birth need to be taken care of. Don’t forget to add something for the new mom to the list of baby gifts! It’s the perfect opportunity to offer them the iconic Clarins Eau Dynamisante. A few sprays bring a sense of well-being and comfort. Its invigorating fragrance wakes up and stimulates the body at any time of the day. This Eau de Toilette made with essential oils and ginseng combines a fragrant composition with the power of plants. The senses are awakened in a single spray! Skin is delicately scented, toned and hydrated. Discover the benefits of aromatherapy: smell good and feel good. A great gift idea for new moms!

Postnatal tips



Weakened by childbirth, your body deserves proper post-pregnancy care. When you're back at home, it's important to still look after yourself. After giving birth, take the time to care for yourself in-between feeds.

How to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy

Your skin, which was put to the test during the last trimester of pregnancy, faces a quick and uncontrollable loss of weight after giving birth. Stretch marks can appear as a result of sagging tissue. To reduce their appearance, the Body Partner anti-stretch mark treatment is the ideal companion. Apply in light circular motions, concentrating on the problematic areas. Clarins application techniques help you achieve the desired results and support you in getting the skin you love. Its Phyto Stretch Complex helps to reduce stretch marks across all four dimensions: length, width, depth and color. A complete and comforting treatment for new mothers who want to regain their prenatal body.

What routine should I follow for a toned body after pregnancy?

After giving birth, your body will need a little bit of time and exercise in order for it to regain its shape. There's no need to hurry or worry unnecessarily. Your body is strong and it will naturally fall back into place. So, when you return home, there's no use crying in front of the mirror! The challenge: to lose excess weight and stored fat and help skin regain its firmness. Don’t starve yourself with diets, they'll only make you feel depressed. Take the time to eat well, especially if you are breastfeeding, and adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Now is the time to discover the book Beauty in my Recipes by Olivier Courtin. A selection of irresistible recipes. A book that makes you feel good while slimming down. Get moving, do a little bit of exercise every day, walk around, go for strolls with the baby, and drink plenty water to keep yourself hydrated and make breastfeeding easier. Little by little, your body will start to tone-up and regain its shape. Before throwing yourself into sport, it's recommended to go to postnatal physiotherapy.

What skin care products should I use to firm and tone my body?

To help the body regain its shape after birth, follow the exfoliate, tone and massage routine. Just like before giving birth, gently scrub the body once or twice a week with the Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin enriched with bamboo powder. Give yourself a massage on soft, smooth skin with Tonic Body Treatment Oil to improve skin’s elasticity, or with Contour Body Treatment Oil for those who are still suffering from water retention. Rinse with cool water. Apply the anti-cellulite Body Fit Expert cream onto dry skin. An expert skin care product that acts on sagging tissue. Its slimming and firming action shapes the skin, leaving it silky smooth. Its lusciously smooth gel-cream texture has an instant cooling effect as well as toning properties. Quince leaf extract helps slim down your figure. A beautiful gift for your body and your mind!

How to slim down and get rid of curves after pregnancy

The Masvelt Body Shaping Cream targets curves on the stomach and hips after pregnancy. Clarins tip: add a few drops of Tonic Body Treatment Oil to your cream before massaging it into the problematic areas. In a single movement, skin is toned and more supple thanks to its refining and firming action. Greater effectiveness to beautify the skin and sculpt the silhouette. Follow the Clarins massage techniques demonstrated in the Institute. Or entrust your baby to dad and take some time to relax in our Spa. A moment of Zen just for you!

What skin care product should I use to redefine the contours of my face?

To refine the face and redefine its contours, follow the Lift-Refine skin care routine as soon as you return home from the hospital. To reduce postnatal swelling and refine the features, apply a thick layer of the Intensive Wrap to the lower part of the face and neck for 10 minutes. The combination of callicarpa, Zerumbet ginger and alchemilla extracts provides refining, protective and illuminating action. Your face is glowing! You look radiant!

Shape the breasts
Shape the breasts


After giving birth and breastfeeding, young women fear that their breasts will sag. Hormone changes and the production of milk have a direct impact on the size of breasts.

How to maintain the shape of my breasts

Clarins has two expert treatments to help and support you during this ever-changing time in your life. The Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel has an instant firming effect on the bust. Massaging gently, smooth the skin from the nipple upwards towards the chin. Its oat sugar and Vua Sua extracts help provide a lifting effect. The Bust Beauty Firming Lotion acts as a natural bra. It strengthens the breasts’ natural density and firmness. You can be a new mother, breastfeed your baby and have perfectly shaped breasts. Clarins makes femininity synonymous with maternity!
For breastfeeding mothers, always clean the nipple area before feeding.






















Tonic Body Treatment Oil