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Get clear skin with iris!

Name: Iris
Latin Name: Iris florentina
Location: Greece
Type: Herb
Part(s) Used: Rhizome

Between heaven and earth...

According to Greek mythology, a rainbow ("iris" in Greek) would appear when the messenger of the Olympian gods, the goddess Iris, would open communications between heaven and earth. Clovis, after claiming victory over the Visigoths in a place where iris grew in abundance, made it the symbol of the Kingdom of the Franks. Iris flavours liqueurs and other beverages. Its rhizomes were cut into sticks and given to teething infants to chew on. In perfumery, its delicate violet scent stabilises perfumes.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

Goodbye imperfections!

Traditionally, the rhizome of the iris is used for its cleansing and astringent properties.

Find the benefits of Iris

  • ميلك منظف بأعشاب جبال الألب"للبشرة الجافة/العادية"

  • Toning Lotion With Iris "Combination/Oily Skin"


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