Europe - Grapevine

Stop no.: France

The legendary Grapevine...

Name: Grapevine
Latin name: Vitis vinifera
Location: France
Type: Shrub
Part(s) used: Grapevine flower cells

Once upon a time...

The vine is one of the oldest recorded plants on earth. Remains of this rustic shrub recovered since prehistoric times explain why the vine is so intimately linked on a cultural, food and commercial level to many civilisations and still remains a powerful symbol of togetherness and sharing. Its fresh and delicate flowers blossom in June, hiding within them a wonderful promise of happiness: burgeoning grapes, the mythical fruit at the origin of wine, a drink long considered sacred, dedicated to gods and heroes.

Cosmetic effectiveness

Invisible pores

In cosmetics, grapevine flower cell extract helps fight against enlarged and elongated pores.

Cellular culture

To safeguard the production of this flower – essential for the wine industry – Clarins Laboratories have chosen an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process: cellular culture. The green biotechnology can reproduce a plant cell over and over to obtain the desired plant extract.

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  • 30ml - سيروم للتحكم في المسام


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