Europe - Olive Tree

STOP NO.: Mediterranean Europe

A shield against free radicals

NAME: Olivenbaum
LATIN NAME: Olea europaea
LOCATION: Mediterranean Europe
TYPE: Tree
PART(S) USED: Leaf and fruit


Considered to be sacred in Mediterranean countries, the olive tree has been intimately linked to the history of mankind. Over the centuries, it has been associated with countless symbols, such as peace, hope, longevity, strength, etc. It is exceptional due to both its lifespan and generous nature, which tirelessly gives its bark, fruit, and leaves to build, nourish, and heal. In traditional medicine, its leaves and fruit are recognised for their anti-free radical, digestive, and circulatory properties.


A generous tree

In cosmetics, olive leaf extract, rich in anti-free radical, protective, and regenerative oleanolic acid, helps the skin to strengthen its natural defences. Organic olive oil brings comfort back to the skin and protects it against dehydration.

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  • Moisture-Rich Body Lotion


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