Europe - Succory Dock-Cress

Stop no. : France

Succory Dock-Cress, a common roadside sight

Name: Succory dock-cress
Latin name: Lapsana communis
Location: France
Type: Plant
Part(s) used: Flowering part

Also known as ‘Nipplewort’

Succory dock-cress is a widespread annual plant. It is an easy-growing plant that can even be found alongside highways. It has long been used to heal scabies and soothe irritation caused by breast-feeding (hence its name ‘Nipplewort’).

Cosmetic effectiveness

Reduces oxidative stress

In cosmetics, succory dock-cress extract, with its anti-free radical properties, helps stimulate the skin’s natural defences against environmental aggressors.

The Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex

A unique combination of four plant extracts to protect the skin from damage that may be caused by both interior and exterior urban pollutants: extracts of organic African Ebony, Furcellaria, Succory Dock-Cress and organic Sanicle.

Find the benefits of Succory Dock-Cress in...

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream - All Skin Types

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream - Dry Skin

  • Extra-Firming Night Cream - All Skin Types

  • Extra-Firming Night Cream - Dry Skin

  • كريم النهار "إكسترا فيرمينغ" مع عامل وقاية من الشمس SPF 15


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