Are slimming products truly an effective alternative to laser treatments and surgery?

1. Cosmetic products: a gentler approach

It goes without saying that slimming products are a less radical way of fighting cellulite compared to liposuction, tummy tucks or laser treatments. But they are gentler on the skin and body, and are less invasive.

2. Choosing the right product for you

For a slimming product to work, you need to choose the right one based on the kind of cellulite you have. There are three types: adipose cellulite, linked to excess fat; fibrous cellulite, due to overproduction of collagen fibres; and aqueous cellulite, triggered by excess water retained in skin tissue. Some slimming products may only be designed to tackle a specific type of cellulite. If this is the case, the product in question will only work on that one specific type, and you may not achieve the results you hope. One good solution is Body Fit, Clarins' very own personal trainer in a bottle. This anti cellulite gel cream acts on all types of cellulite, whether aqueous, adipose or fibrous, thanks to its combination of plant extracts (quince leaf, celosia, baccharis, organic water mint and blue button flower extracts). Day after day, this gel cream firms and sculpts the body, leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer.

3. Boost your cellulite cream's effects.

Give the Body Fit anti cellulite gel cream a helping hand by applying it using a special massage technique. The combination of slimming product and self-massage helps trim down your figure in no time. You'll need to repeat the process several times, every day. Clarins has developed a specific three-step self-massage technique for applying Body Fit: streamlining the legs and thighs, reducing excess volume caused by cellulite by activating the elimination of excess water and lipids, and slimming down the hips and buttocks by stimulating the body's natural lymphatic draining process. Effective, in-depth anti cellulite action for perfecting your figure.

4. Work on your lifestyle.

Whether you choose surgery or a slimming product, get your lifestyle up to speed. If you don't embrace a healthy diet and regular exercise, your slimming results won't last, whether you choose liposuction or cellulite cream.

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