• 3,5 g
    AED 75.00
  • 75 ml
    AED 399.00
    AED 532.00 / 100 ml
  • 15 ml
    AED 96.00
    AED 640.00 / 100 ml
  • 75 ml
    AED 441.00
    AED 588.00 / 100 ml
  • 15 ml
    AED 237.00
    AED 1,580.00 / 100 ml
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About Eyes & Lips & Neck

Some parts of your face are more sensitive than others. It is important to treat these zones with the appropriate products. Eye, lip and neck moisturisers protect these sensitive areas. Serums and creams will tone the skin around your eyes. This skin is subject to creases and wrinkles. In the same way, the lips’ outline also requires an anti-chapping targeted treatment.
The neck cleavage area is often forgotten, despite being particularly fragile. Appropriate treatment will prevent the emergence of wrinkles. With the eye, lip and neck care range, you can moisturise and protect your face and neck every day.