My custom routine

How do you prefer to remove your make-up?

Micellar water texture

Micellar water for a cooling sensation

Oil texture

Cleansing oil to remove long-wearing make-up

Milk texture

Cleansing milk for added comfort

What is your skin type?

Water drop normal skin picture


Water drop combination skin picture


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Here is your perfect routine!

Cleanser packaging + ingredientsOrganic
yellow gentian

Cleansing Micellar Water

For all skin types, even the most sensitive skin, and for those who want to remove make-up quickly. With a fresh feeling like splashing your face with water.

AED 125.00

Total Cleansing OilOrganic
yellow gentian

Total Cleansing Oil

Total Cleansing Oil is perfect for those who love long-lasting or waterproof make-up.

AED 125.00

Velvet Cleansing MilkOrganic
yellow gentian

Velvet Cleansing Milk

For those who love comfort and gentle cleansing. A creamy texture for a more sensory experience.

AED 190.26

Gentle foaming cleansers packaging

Gentle Foaming Hydrating Cleanser

For normal to dry skin, the Hydrating Gentle Foaming Cleanser contains organic aloe vera extract for hydrated skin.


Gentle Foaming Purifying Cleanser

Gentle Foaming Purifying Cleanser

For combination to oily skin, the Gentle Purifying Foaming Cleanser is enriched with organic meadowsweet extract and a salicylic acid derivative. It purifies and tightens skin.

AED 125.00

Gentle Foaming Soothing Cleanser

Gentle Foaming Soothing Cleanser

For very dry and sensitive skin, the Soothing Gentle Foaming Cleanser is enriched with organic camomile extract to soothe skin and organic shea butter to help prevent feelings of discomfort.

AED 125.00

Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse packaging

Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse

For all skin types, the Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse gently exfoliates and makes the skin more luminous and radiant thanks to its tamarind pulp acid which contains AHAs.

AED 125.00

Lotion packaging + ingredients Organic
Aloe vera

Hydrating Toning Lotion

For normal to dry skin, the Hydrating Toning Lotion contains organic aloe vera and fig extract that help to soften and hydrate skin leaving it soft and fresh.

AED 125.00

Purifying Toning Lotion Organic
of the

Purifying Toning Lotion

For combination to oily skin, the Purifying Toning Lotion contains meadowsweet and witch hazel extract to help tighten pores, purify skin and leave it looking radiant.

AED 125.00

Soothing Toning Lotion Organic

Soothing Toning Lotion

For very dry and sensitive skin, organic camomile and purple coneflower extract are the star ingredients in the Soothing Toning Lotion, helping to comfort and soothe skin.

AED 125.00