What's the best way of hydrating the skin on my body?

Like many women, you may tend to focus on the skin on your face, leaving the skin on your body to fend for itself for lack of time. But it's crucial you hydrate your body too to ensure your skin remains soft, supple and moisturised. We share all the secrets to successfully moisturising your body...

1. Start by exfoliating

Before you get started on moisturising, you need to exfoliate your body to slough away dead cells on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating refines skin texture, stimulates cell renewal and allows products applied afterwards to be more rapidly absorbed. Once or twice a week, use the Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin with bamboo powder to gently remove dead skin cells. The formula's moringa extract neutralises pollution particles, while the shea butter nourishes and soothes.

2. A range of different moisturising textures for everyday hydration

Morning and evening, pamper your skin by treating it to all the moisturising and nourishing goodness it needs. If you prefer light, fast-absorbing textures, try the Body-Smoothing Moisture Milk with extracts of hydrating aloe vera. Its silky texture glides onto the skin, providing suppleness, comfort and softness.
If you like something creamier, reach for the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion with nourishing, fast-absorbing shea butter for intense hydration and comfort.

Don't forget your hands and feet, too! Hands are exposed to harsh external factors and are often forgotten. Luckily, the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is here to help. This ultra-emollient cream contains nourishing sesame oil and fortifying myrrh extract, acting like an invisible 'glove' and protective shield for hands. Its silky, non-greasy texture is deliciously soothing for dry, chapped and damaged skin. This cream's added little extra? It also enhances nails and nourishes cuticles.

The Foot Beauty Treatment Cream, meanwhile, is ideal for restoring elasticity and suppleness to skin that is often dry. Its arnica extract helps relieve tension, the Virginia cashew nut oil and shea butter smooth away roughness and the myrrh extract strengthens and enhances nails.

Thanks to Clarins, caring for your body has never felt so good.

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