How do I choose the right moisturising cream for me?

At Clarins, we listen to women and their needs to find the right solutions to their beauty concerns. Among Clarins' ranges, there's a routine perfectly suited to your preferences and age.

1. Before the signs of ageing appear

The first step to achieving gorgeous skin is moisturising daily. A well-moisturised epidermis protects skin elasticity for longer, and is an essential step from around the age of 20. Try the Hydra Essentiel range with products designed to keep skin hydrated and balanced throughout the day. The result? Your complexion is left fresh, even and radiant.

For women with dark spots and dilated pores, Clarins has just the thing: our Mission Perfect and Pore Control expert serums. The first contains acerola cherry and ginkgo biloba to correct pigmentation issues (dark spots, discolouration, shadowy areas, acne scars, redness, dull complexion) while allowing your skin's natural beauty to shine through. The second contains tamarind extract to shrink pores and refine skin texture and leave your skin even, radiant and velvety soft.

2. Targeted skincare to fight the visible signs of ageing

At Clarins, we have anti ageing products to address all kinds of beauty concerns. Premature ageing can be triggered by stress, pollution, lack of sleep and free radicals. To redress the balance, use products from the Multi-Active range, specially designed for 30-somethings with hectic lifestyles. Thanks to their encapsulated teasel and myrothamnus extracts, they reboost skin, protecting it from environmental damage and blurring fine lines.

If you feel your wrinkles are becoming increasingly obvious and your skin is lacking firmness, reach for the Extra-Firming range. These products contain kangaroo flower extract to improve elasticity, resulting in a firmer epidermis day after day. The result? Wrinkles are smoothed, the contours of the face are sculpted and lifted.
Finally, beyond your 50s, choose the Super Restorative range to target skin ageing linked to hormonal changes that occur around the menopause. Day after day, skin is plumper and denser, as if lifted. Your complexion is left glowing. You radiate inner beauty.

3. Double Serum for all ages

Clarins Double Serum is the most comprehensive anti ageing product any woman over 25 can use. Packed full of [20+1] plant extracts, its unique dual-phase hydric and lipidic anti ageing formula preserves skin's youthful glow. Designed to be used daily for adult and mature skins, or as a month-long intensive treatment for younger skins, it rejuvenates the complexion, boosts radiance, firms skin up and smooths out wrinkles and lines.

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