How often should I exfoliate?

1. A key step in your skincare routine

Exfoliate the skin on your face to slough away dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the epidermis. By regularly exfoliating, your skin will feel softer and be better primed for the next steps in your beauty routine. Never exfoliate more than once or twice a week, so as to avoid damaging your hydrolipidic film, which plays a key protective role. After cleansing, apply your scrub to wet skin, massaging the product in using gentle, circular strokes. Clarins has scrubs for all skin types. If you're prone to dehydration, try the Fresh Scrub with organic kalanchoe extract. If your skin is oily, opt for the Pure Scrub and its foaming texture, complete with organic alpine willow herb extract. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry, the Comfort Scrub has an ultra-nourishing oily texture thanks to wild mango butter. Its creamy texture removes impurities and unclogs pores while staying kind to skin. Once you've exfoliated, rinse with warm water. Your skin is left soft, smooth and clear. For your final step, use a clean towel or tissue to gently blot your face dry, and don't forget to moisturise.

2. And what about the body?

As with your face, you can exfoliate your body once or twice a week, and especially prior to hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs. You can also exfoliate before heading out in the sun to ensure your tan lasts longer, or before applying slimming products to enhance their effects. Try the Tonic Body Polisher to treat both the body and mind. Its formula uses salt and sugar crystals to eliminate dead skin cells without damaging the hydrolipidic film. In no time at all, skin is left soft, refreshed and revitalised.

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