What's the best make-up for brown eyes?

1. Try all the colours of the rainbow!

If you have brown eyes but don't know what colours to try to show them off, then we have good news – you can wear any colour you like, so let your imagination run wild! The world is your oyster if you have brown eyes. You can experiment with dark shades for an ultra-glamorous, intense effect, or experiment with bright pinks, blues, greens or oranges for eyes that pop. There's just one rule...there are no rules!

2. Use the right techniques

Before applying make-up to brown eyes, start with a primer such as Instant Light on your eyelids. As soon as it is applied, this universal make-up and skincare hybrid instantly refreshes eyes and smooths and brightens skin. The little added bonus is that it improves hold, ensuring your make-up lasts all day! Once your lids are primed and prepared, it's time to move on to eyeshadow. Want a more sultry look? Get a stunning smoky eye with the 4-Colour Eye Palette 05 Smoky, with buildable greys and blacks to adjust the intensity as you see fit.

Once you've perfected your lids, define your eyes with the Eyebrow Pencil 01 Dark Brown, lining your lashes with a light hand for a subtle look. Thanks to its foam tip, the Waterproof Eye Pencil lets you blend and smudge for a customised look. For the perfect finishing touch, turn your attention to your lashes. Open up your eyes with Mascara 4D 01 Black to create volume, curl, definition and length. For instantly thicker, fanned-out lashes. Gorgeous brown eyes! Like the result?

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