How do I choose the right lipstick?

Choosing your lipstick is serious business. With so many different shades on offer, you may find yourself unsure, or even give up faced with too much choice. It's a shame because all women look good in lipstick! So don't give up. Instead, follow Clarins’ tips to find the right lipstick for you.

1. Choosing your perfect shade

Which lipstick is best for perfecting your pout? If you have black or dark skin, then bright colours that pop are perfect, as are darker shades like burgundy and purple. Avoid pastels, which aren't flattering against your complexion. If you have tanned or olive skin, go for bright shades, swerving opaque colours. If you have fair skin, try the lightest, coolest nudes (like pink) or more glamorous shades, like red. Once you get to grips with these core principles, all that's left to do is pick the one that works best with any given outfit.

2. Choose the right effect

There's so much choice when it comes to lipsticks' effects. But unlike with shades and colours, anyone can wear any texture! Follow your heart! Like the glossy look? Try the Joli Rouge Brillant. If you prefer a matte effect, use the Joli Rouge Velvet. For a super subtle satin finish, the Joli Rouge is for you. For an on-trend nude and glossy effect, try our two star products: the Lip Comfort Oil or the Lip Perfector, both of which have the added bonus of being lip care products, too. Finally, for a sheer, buildable effect with a long-lasting matte finish, experiment with the Waterlip Lipstain.

3. Try the Clarins Lipstick Finder

To help you find your perfect lipstick based on your lifestyle and look, Clarins has developed the Lipstick Finder. Find your perfect Clarins shade, finish and texture in a matter of clicks!

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