How do I achieve a natural make-up look?

Like make-up but want to keep things subtle and natural? The nude look is definitely for you! This make-up style has been trending for the past few years, with the idea being to accentuate your features with a sheer, light hand. Discover three steps to getting the perfect nude and natural look.

1. Step one: prime, prime, prime

The key to a successful nude look is a flawless, glowing base. Start by applying the SOS Primer, which is perfect for blurring imperfections and ensuring your make-up lasts all day. Choose your shade based on the type of corrections you'll be making. If you just want to brighten up your complexion, go for the translucent, luminous shade n°00. Looking for a dewy glow? Try the rosy shade n°01 for instant radiance. Need to conceal redness? Shade n°04 has a hint of green to counteract red tones. Once you've applied your base, move on to foundation with the Skin Illusion, your new best friend for achieving blemish-free, ultra-natural and radiant results. Apply to the entire face or in targeted areas for an even, make-up-less look! Finally, add a touch of colour to your cheeks with the Blush Prodige or Bronzing Duo bronzer.

2. Step two: accentuate your eyes

Now your complexion is glowing, it's time to focus on your eyes. Mascara is all you need for a natural look. If you want to thicken your lashes, reach for the Supra Volume Mascara. If your lashes could do with a little more length, apply the Be Long mascara.

3. Step three: make your lips pop

No nude make-up look is complete without subtly enhanced lips. Swap your usual lipstick for translucent balms and glosses. Clarins offers lots of different pout-perfecting options. Looking for an ultra-light wash of colour and nourishing benefits? Try the Lip Oil. For glossy, plump, smooth lips, apply the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. And if you want to tint your lips for a sheer, nude effect, the Waterlip Lip Stain is perfect for you!

In love with your nude look?

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